"Food has a way of bringing everyone together, which is why we love what we do."                                             

La Vecina means the neighbor but to us it's a bit deeper than that, it's a place where everyone can call home…

Some of the best memories were growing up in Cali, Colombia.  I would remember walking into a kitchen full of energy, & music. The smell of fresh herbs still bring me back to my grandmother's kitchen. 

From our Arepas & Bowls down to our marinates & sauces we only use fresh natural ingredients. Our kitchen vows on quality, skipping no step to bring you the best latin food with a twist on your favorite classics. We can ensure you the music, energy & passion lives in our kitchen.


                                                                                            - Stephanie Agreda

La Vecina Astoria. Drink menu.png

BEst Arepas and latin food in astoria